We are currently focused on brand awareness, but as funds become available, we will begin digging deeper into these initiatives. If you have ideas or want to join a team that is not oriented around “Self”, please fill out the form below.

Pure Love Uganda

Pure love Uganda is a non-profit organization located in Uganda, Africa. They teach, feed and care for children in the community and also provide a source of income to children and family through the performing arts. This initiative involves craft items made directly in Uganda.

Lighted Sidewalks

Lighted sidewalks is all about making communities and neighborhoods safer by installing solar powered lights into sidewalks primarily in dimly lit neighborhoods. This is beneficial for all but the primary goal is to help women and children feel safe in their own neighborhoods at any time of the day. This includes dog walkers at night.

Greater Than

The initiative brings multimedia and the creative arts to youth organizations or school with the purpose of teaching entrepreneurship and also being a support to help struggling teens find their artistic passions.


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